I’ve been enjoying dishes from all over the world. I’m not a person who traveled a lot, but I was lucky enough to spend most of my life in Tokyo, where people have many options to eat. When I eat something from a country, I’m having a thought about lives and people in the country. While searching the recipe, the web tells me something I didn’t know about the culture.

In Japanese proverbs “同じ釜の飯を食う”, to eat out of the same pot… means “live under the same roof”. I hope that by touching other culture, we could respect each other better. We are all living together in this beautiful tiny sphere!

Since sometimes, or most of times, I’m making dishes without eat the “authentic” one in advance, I could make a mistake. If you know more about the cuisine, please please educate me by comment! My everyday life is all try and error, aim to improve.

Thank you!

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