I’ve been enjoying dishes from all over the world. I’m not a person who traveled a lot, but I was lucky enough to spend most of my life in Tokyo, where people have many options to eat. While I eat something from a country, I’m having a thought about lives and people in the country. While searching the recipe, the web tells me something I didn’t know about the culture.

In Japanese proverbs “同じ釜の飯を食う”, to eat out of the same pot… means “live under the same roof”. We are living on the same planet. I hope that by touching other culture, we could respect each other better. Therefore I like to introduce foreign dishes to people, especially children.

Since sometimes, or most of times, I’m making dishes without eat the “authentic” one in advance, I could make a mistake. If you know more about the cuisine, please please educate me by comment! My everyday life is all try and error, aim to improve.

Thank you!

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