I’ve been buying natto mainly from Uwajimaya. The store is not very close to us, so we don’t have natto very often.

Recently one of our friends gave me a recipe of homemade natto!


I admit, at first it was a bit scary. I made fermented foods/drinks before, but natto… sounds like it could have more harmful bacteria if I did something wrong. But the photo was beautiful and the recipe is so simple, I could imagine the taste would be mild and natural. So I gave it a try.

Soak soybeans over night, then boil them with fresh water to soften, let them cool to slightly warmer than body temperature. Add some herb.

I just noticed that our rosemary had lots of aphids. I added another plants I could gather from our yard…

Put in the cooler box with hot water (change the water time to time to keep it warm). 24 hours later the beans were fermented. I let them rest in the fridge for 2 days…

Ta-da! Homemade natto, ready to eat!

I ate it with dashi-soy sauce. Even my husband (generally he hates natto) could eat this one.

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