Easter clothing

I enjoyed planning some children clothing for Easter with this cute egg patterned fabric from a generous lady.

I sewed the chick skirt last year.

This bunny canvas was for cushion in my original idea, but I’ve never made that until now, so I’ve decided to use it for a top. I got it from a store in Nippori, where I miss… if anyone knows good fabric source in Seattle area, please advice me!

Then we went to a little “vacation”. I was run out of time. Kids had egg hunts on Saturday, so I finally started CUTTING fabric, actually, some of the patterns were made in this time range, sew, sew, sew with my old-friend-but-sometimes-grumpy sewing machine. I skipped pockets for the skirt, made much simpler shirt.

The facing (inside of the necklines) fabrics are from Nuno-haku. Oh I loved that event!

I don’t think the egg shirt and the egg skirt will be worn as a set, but I had to see how it looks like…

A person who would wear like this should be a big egg lover!

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